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Selected Scholarship 

Journal Articles 
Book Chapters 
Courses Taught 

The Black Queer South 

Black Masculine Images & Identity


Leadership in the Era of #BLM

Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies


Race Gender & Knowledge


Black Sexual Politics**

Feminist and Queer Theories

Introduction to African American/Pan-African Studies

Leadership for Social Justice*

Social Justice Colloquium*

Leadership Theory and Practice

Politics, Political Violence and Resistance 

Black Politics/Political Thought 

*Service-learning course

**Travel-learning course  

Invited Presentations/Workshops/Talks

Govan, R., Hartley, J., Mahoney, A. D., & Osteen, L. (2022, December). Activism and Advocacy as Leadership Learning in Higher Education [Keynote panelist]. Presented at the annual Leadership Educators Institute, New Orleans, LA. 

Mahoney, A. D. (2022, February). Through Fraternal Eyes: Black Social Movements, the University, and Institutionality. Black History Month keynote speaker at Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC [Virtual]. 

Mahoney, A. D. (2021, November). Queering Black Fraternal Masculinity: Institutionality and MiAKAs on the Down Low. Presented at the 

annual National Women’s Studies Association Conference [Virtual].

Mahoney, A. D. (2021, October). Embodying Shade: A Black Queer Approach to College Student Development Theory and Research. Presented in EDUC 603 Doctoral Seminar: The College Student: Developmental Themes and Social Contexts at William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA [Virtual]. 

Mahoney, A. D. (2020, October). LGBTQ Issues in Education. Presented in LEAD 8002 Doctoral Seminar: American Society and Educational Policy at the University of Memphis, Memphis, TN [Virtual]. 


Mahoney, A. D. (2020, May). Un/Becoming Men: Black Fraternalism and Southern Black Queer Counter Culture. Guest lecturer for the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, Charleston, SC. 


Mahoney, A. D. (2020, February). Hidden Figures of College of Charleston [Panelist]. Presented for Luminescent Community Outreach Organization, Charleston, SC.


Mahoney, A. D. (2019, January). The Imperative of Black Queer Counter Spaces, Stories and Politics. Keynote at The Academia Society, Inc. annual Founders’ Day Convocation, Atlanta, GA. 


Mahoney, A. D. (2017, June). Data Collection with Vulnerable Populations: A Black Queer Approach. Presented in EDAD 995 Doctoral Seminar: Approaches to Qualitative Data Collection at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE [Virtual].  


Mahoney, A. D. (2016, November). Introduction of the Speaker: Angela Davis: ‘WWADD?’. Presented at the annual University of Louisville Anne Braden Memorial Lecture, Louisville, KY.


Mahoney, A. D. (2016, September). How to Create LGBTQ Workplace Allies [Panelist]. Presented at the Diversity in the Workplace Conference, Louisville, KY. 


Mahoney, A. D. (2016, February). Morals to Movements:  Activism Informed by Knowledge and Pain [Panelist]. Presented at the annual Dalton Institute on College Student Values, Tallahassee, FL. 


Mahoney, A. D. (2014, June). Leadership Development in Collegiate Recreation: Creating Space, Building Capacity. Presented at the annual National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association Summit, Tallahassee, FL.


Mahoney, A.D. (2013, October). Race and the Law [Moderator]. Presented by the FSU Division of Student Affairs, Tallahassee, FL.


Mahoney, A. D. (2013, January). The Sounds of Leadership: Developing the Capacity for Change. Presented at the annual Vietnam Education Foundation Conference, Tallahassee, FL.

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